Alumni Festival of Sport

Alumni Festival of Sport

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the inaugural Alumni Festival of Sport on Saturday 7 September. We hope you all had a wonderful time whether you were playing or spectating. It was lovely to see so many familiar faces, as well as some new ones.

You can now view photographs from the day on our online gallery by clicking here.

We're happy to announce that due to this year's success we will be running the Festival again next September. If you enjoyed the day or have any thoughts on future Alumni sports events please let us know by emailing 

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Sports Reports

Tennis Report

Culford OC's fielded a competitive team against the schools tennis programme players. The mini OC vs Pupils tennis tournament was played in great spirits with a good number of extremely close matches leading to an eventual 5-5 draw between the teams. With a mixed format of some mens, mixed, and ladies doubles, as well as some singles matches there was plenty of tennis to be seen at all levels and some very competitive games.

Jakob Kümpers (U5) deserves special mention for fighting back in his singles from 5-1 down to claim a 7-5 victory. James Swanson (2001-2008) the OC captain did a fantastic job of organising the match and ensuring that all parties had good quality games and we look forward to seeing James and the OC team at next year’s Alumni Festival of Sport.


Hockey Report

The Culford mixed 1st XI took on a very talented OC mixed XI on the 7th September in what was a fiery, competitive game. The standard was high and the OC's started strongly with James Gibbs (2005-2019), Jess Walters (2008-2019) and Lucy Holder (2011-2016) trying to get a firm grip of the game. Goalkeeper Oliver Melville-Ross (U6) saved Culford a couple of times and OC goalkeeper Harriet Mann (2010-2015) did likewise. Cameron Ford (L5) was dominant at the back for Culford and sniffed out any potential danger with Holly Reynolds (U5) working hard as always in defence and attack. The game was very even, great to watch and finished 0-0. The OC's wanted flicks to decide who would win the trophy and Culford looked set to win the game after Oliver Melville-Ross saved two flicks, however Culford let their nerves get the better of them and Jess Walters stepped up and fired the winning flick into the top of the net.

A great spectacle for Culford and we look forward to an even better event next year.


Netball Report

In the afternoon attention moved indoors to the Sports Hall as the Headmaster's VII took on the OC's in Netball.

The current 1st team included pupils from U6, L6, as well as a couple of L5's. The OC's fielded a strong line-up with a number of previous 1st team players taking the court. Many of the OC's had already taken part in the Hockey and the Headmaster's VII looked to exploit this as they started at break-neck speed and were able to carve out an early lead. The sharp shooting of Madeleine Lorriman-Hughes (L5) and Lucy Sansom-Jamil (L5) helped them finish the 1st quarter with a 10-2 lead.

A much-needed quarter-time break and a reshuffle of the OC's line-up saw the introduction of Nella Walters (2007-2018) and this meant that the team were not playing out of position and they started to put together some fluid passages of play. As the deficit started to reduce, the defensive trio of Laura Quayle (L6), Maisie Fitton (L6) and Frankie Sanderson (U6) combined well to ensure that they limited the OC's scoring opportunities. The Headmaster's VII continued to calmly convert their shots to extend their lead, with the score line 17-5 in their favour at half-time.

However, the OC's were not willing to give up without a fight and a more confident approach in the shooting circle enabled them to score a number of goals in quick succession. Captain for the OC team Emma Beardmore (2007-2015) impressed with her excellent athleticism and skill. Holly Jaycock (2007-2015) worked tirelessly in defence and managed to stay on her feet throughout the whole match, unlike Katie Farrant (2011-2018) who demonstrated a spectacular roll to assist her fall. A good contest was developing in the mid-court between the opposing captain's Yaa Zuta (U6) for the Headmaster's VII and Emma Beardmore both looked to keep their sides in the game. A resurgent performance from the OC's saw them edge the 3rd quarter 5-6, much to the delight of the spectators, with the score line 22-11 to the Headmaster's VII going into the last period of play.

A further reshuffle from both sides along with fatigue setting in made for a scrappier opening to the 4th quarter. Shooting for the OC's was shared by Molly Brown (2011-2013) and Katie Farrant: sadly Issy O’Brien-Miller (2003-2017) had to sit and watch and this really affected the OC team, as her talent at shooting could have made all the difference. At the other end of the court, the Headmaster's VII quickly identified a height mismatch in their shooting circle which they were keen to take advantage of. Debutant Leonie Weihsengruber (L6) made some lovely drives down the court and delivered some pinpoint feeds into the shooters. A flurry of goals saw the Headmaster's VII emerge victorious with the final score 30-16 in their favour.

The match was played in great spirits with both sides congratulating each other on their performance. We look forward to next year to see whether the Headmaster's VII can defend their title or if the OC's will be able to use their added experience and nous to good effect.


Golf Report

OC’s channelled all of their sporting prowess when they visited the Culford golf studio for a crack at the “nearest the pin” challenge. Players had 3 goes at a simulated 150 yard par 3 over water. There was a wide array of shots over the course of the afternoon before Harry Stenton (2007-2014) had the best of the bunch with an 8in to 9ft.


1st Harry Stenton, 9ft 

2nd Jack Ferrari (2000-2014), 13ft 

3rd William Kibbler (U6), 17ft