Art Department Redevelopments

Culford’s new Library, the first major project within the Campaign for Culford is a huge success. The building has, as predicted, become the hub of academic life of the school in its first year. Our next goal for the Campaign for Culford is to refurbish our main Art Studio in the Art department.

New Outlook for Culford Art

cgi of the new art department

art department in the 1950s

Computer generated image of what the refurbished art department might look like (above)

Our pupils’ work is outstanding, but the building lets them down. The Studio has little changed since the 1950s (see image to the left) and now requires major structural improvements and a new roof as part of the redevelopment project.

The Library has shown the way, and we intend to replace a small window in a large brick wall with a much larger use of glass and wood to open up the view to the park and allow light to flood the space (see the computer generated image above).

art department's current exterior

Just as the new Library is at the heart of academic life at Culford, the new Art Studio is sure to be at the heart of the creative arts and will serve as a springboard for outstanding and talented artists of the future.

Current view of the exterior of the art department.


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Art at Culford

saatchi award winning artwork

The Art department holds a special place at the heart of Culford. Pupils produce outstanding works of art and deliver some of the best examination results in the School. In 2014, Sixth Former Harry Reidy (2011-2013) won the prestigious Saatchi Gallery/ Deutsch Bank Art Prize for Schools from a field of 17,000 entrants from all over the world (artwork pictured left). 

In early spring 2016, talented pupils Hadley Butler, Jono Le Grice, Raul Rutnam and Ophelia Yannaghas, all exhibited their artwork in Culford’s first Pupil Showcase Event in the Foundation Gallery. This was soon followed by the impressive British Road Movies Exhibition from OC Kate Jackson (1988-1998).  You can see a selection of photographs from this exhibition below.

Recent Art and Design & Technology Work