Common Room List

Headmaster and Administration Offices
J F Johnson-Munday MA MBA Headmaster
Dr J Guntrip BSc PhD Deputy Head
D Watkin BEd Assistant Head
Revd S Crompton-Battersby BTh Chaplain

Headmasters Office

Mrs N Emms BA

Assistant PA to the Headmaster

Mrs J Bendy  Common Room Secretary 
Mrs S Tilly Deputy Head's PA
Mrs K Furlong, Mrs C Holder and Mrs J Constable  School Receptionists

Communications Office

Paul Wellstead BASc Marketing Director
Tom Huggins CIM Assistant Marketing Director
Miss Anna Paterson BA CIM Marketing Manager
Miss Michelle Davey BA Marketing Assistant

Foundation Office 

Mrs J Johnson-Munday LLB  Foundation Director
Mrs S Salisbury Foundation Manager
Miss C Turner BA Alumni Database and Research Officer
Mrs J Glover BA Communications Officer

Admissions Office

Mr D Watkin BEd Director of Admissions
Mrs K Tompkinson Registrar 

Mrs Michelle Dodd         

UK Recruitment Manager

Ms M Power BA Med                   

External Relations Manager

Finance & Operations Department


Mrs E Boardley FCCA BA

Finance and Operations Director
Miss L Cornell   Finance and Operations Assistant
Miss F Cunningham        Finance Assistant
Miss A Oxford BA  Finance Assistant
Mrs E Taylor Assoc CIPD      Finance Assistant and Clerk to Governors
Mrs S Taylor      Finance Assistant
Mrs J Waters BA MAAT   Finance Office Manager
Mr M Webb   Operations Manager
Mr R Greenhalgh HR & Payroll Administrator
Senior Common Room 
Miss T Rankin BA Head of Department   
Mr L Hoggar BA    Art and Design Teacher
Mrs B Hunt BA Art and Design Teacher
Miss K Noorlander    Art Technician
Mr D Nichols BSc  

Head of Department 

Mr S Arbuthnot MSc   Head of Sixth Form 
Mrs S Deering MA     Head of Department     
Mr I C Devlin BEd        Head of Department     
Miss J Cooke BA    
Miss M Jackson BA RADA MA Director of Drama, LAMDA Teacher
Miss J Ricketts BA Contemporart Dance Teacher
Mr D Sykes BA Drama Technician
Mrs H F Baker BSc   Head of Department and Science and Numeracy Support Teacher           
Mrs A Burge BA  
Mrs B Recknell MA  
Mrs A Glassbrook BA Head of Department
Mr J Holiday-Scott BA Housemaster of Edwards
Mrs R Radlett BA  
Miss E Williams BA  
Mr M H Barber MA                                           Head of Department and Head of Independent Learning 
Mrs A Burge BA Head of PSHCE
Mrs L Bryant BA Housemistress of Fitzgerald
Miss G Nind BSc  
Mr M Rackowe BA Head of Department
Mr P M Jones MA  
Mr J W Tyler MA BSc Head of ICT
Mr L New  Head of IT Services
Mr G Stirling-Yeatman

IT Technician

Mr S Redpath Senior IT Technician
Mr N Murray BA  Head of Department
Mr N J Tully BSc  Head of Department
Mr B O’Riordan PhD Assistant Head of Department
Mr G Reynolds BEng  Assistant Head (Pastoral) and Housemaster of Cornwallis     
Mr J Veitch BA BSc Examinations Officer  
Mrs S J Flack BA    
Mr A R Deane BA               Head of Department
Miss C Escriva Beltran BA French and Spanish Teacher
Ms K Waghorn BA Head of Spanish and Deputy Housemistress of Fitzgerald 
Mr P R Burge Mus B LTCL ALCM Director of Music
Mr D Bolton Dip Mus Head of Brass
Mr J D Recknell MA FRCO  Head of Keyboard
Mrs J Welsh BMus LRSM Head of Strings

Mr A Northcote 

Head of Senior Sport and Cricket
Mrs K Kemp BEd Head of PE
Mr M Bolton BSc Director of Prep Sport and Head of Rugby
Mrs E Long BSc   Head of Athletics and Equestrian
Miss C Olley BSc             Head of Netball
Miss E Thornbury Head of Hockey
Mrs C Reynolds BEd PE Teacher
Mr J Beaumont Cricket Specialist and Games Coach
Mr L Dodd PGA Head of Golf
Mr D Hall   Head of School and Community Tennis
Mr D Pilbrow Head of Performance Swimming
Mr J D Yates Head of  Tennis
Miss L Kammeijer                 Hockey Specialist and Games Coach
Revd S Crompton-Battersby BTh  Chaplain
Miss S Haughey MA MPhil     Head of Department and Housemistress of Jocelyn
Mr J Holiday-Scott BA Housemaster of Edwards
Mr D Rees BSc                           Head of Science
Mrs S L Antonietti BSc  
Mr J Fox BSc Head of Department and Assistant Housemaster of Cornwallis
Mr J Christopher BSc  Head of Timetabling and Data Analysis
Mr D Edwards BSc Physics Teacher
Mrs S English MA Physics Teacher
Dr A Butler BSc PhD            Head of Department
Mr A P Fisk MSc Head of Department
Dr J Guntrip BSc PhD Deputy Head and Head of Scholars 
Miss H Frampton BSc Biology Teacher
Mrs B Murray TTHD Dip SpLD Head of Department 
Mrs J Cope BA Cert SpLD  
Mr N Murray BA   
Mrs L Martin MA MCLIP School Librarian, Head of Careers
Prep School Common Room 

Mr M Schofield BEd 


Mrs C Bentley BEd Deputy Head 
Mr J Herd BSc  Assistant Head/Housemaster of Cadogan
Mr M Bolton BSc Director of Sport and Activities
Mrs S Ahrens MA Ed Head of History and Class Teacher
Mrs K Allum BEd        Learning Development
Mr N Anns BEd Head of Mathematics
Mrs D Barker Maitrise FLE Head of French
Mrs T Black                                  Librarian
Mrs C Blake BEd                                                     Learning Development
Mr J Calvert BA Head of Religious Studies and Drama
Mrs K Clarke BEd Lower Second Class Teacher
Mr S Clay MA Head of Music
Mrs S Combes BA Music Teacher
Rev S Crompton-Battersby BTh Chaplain
Mrs K Dearman  First Form Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Deering MA Head of Classics
Mrs R Drake BA Lower Second Class Teacher, Mathematics
Mrs N Gumbleton MA Lower Second  Class Teacher, English
Mrs S Guntrip BSc Lower First Class Teacher
Mrs A Hafermann BSc MA Head of Science
Mr R McAlister BA Head of Geography
Miss K McCarthy MA Head of Spanish
Mrs B Murray TTHD Dip SpLD Head of Learning Development
Miss S O'Neil BA Head of English
Mrs B Recknell BEd EAL Teacher
Mrs J Ricketts BA LAMDA and Contemporary Dance Teacher
Mrs C Rosten BSc  Science Technician
Mrs E Veitch BEd Lower First Class Teacher, Activity House Coordinator
Mr D Venables BSc  Science Technican
Mrs E Veitch BEd Lower First Class Teacher, Activity House Coordinator
Mr D Venables BSc Science Teacher
Mrs K Waghorn BA  French Teacher
Mrs C Wakefield MSc Upper First Class Teacher
Mrs H Whiter BA Head of Art and DT
Pre-Prep Common Room
Mrs S Preston BA Head Teacher
Miss K Trow BA Nursery Manager, Level 3 
Miss S Widger BSc QTS Senior Teacher
Miss K Harrison BEd Senior Teacher
Mrs M Anderson Level 3 Cache Teaching Assistant, Level 3 Forest Leader
Mrs N Brown NNEB Teaching Assistant, After School Care
Mrs K Catliff French Teacher
Mrs F Caumont Spanish Teacher
Mrs S Combes BA Dip LCM Head of Pre-Prep Music
Mrs E Endean BA Teaching Assistant
Mrs E Grey DDP Teaching Assistant
Mrs H Hansgate BSc PE Teacher
Mrs R Leslie BA PE Teacher
Mrs A Morrell BEd Class Teacher
Mrs D Rampling NVQ Level 3 Teaching Assistant 
Mrs R Ratcliffe BEd Class Teacher, Learning Development
Miss N Rodwell EYP Teaching Assistant, Level 3 Forest Leader
Mrs J Suckling BA Class Teacher and Early Years Coordinator
Mrs D Lomas BA Class Teacher
Miss R Sochon Level 3 Teaching Assistant 
Nursery Common Room 
Miss E Saxton  Nursery Manager
Miss N Attwood Deputy Manager
Miss F Foulger  Nursery Assistant
Miss E Green Nursery Assistant
Mrs E Herd Deputy Manager
Miss B Miller Nursery Assistant