Year One and Two Teaching and Learning

Year One at Culford Pre-Prep

Year 1 encourages children to become more independent. It’s an exciting year as they become increasingly confident readers and writers. 

Numeracy and literacy lessons form a big part of our daily routine and these include regular mathematical sessions, phonics, spelling and handwriting.  We often hold guided, shared and whole class reading lessons too. Teachers also listen to the pupils read individually every day.

Our core curriculum is enhanced by topics such as toys, life long ago, Barnaby Bear around the world and science.  We also have specialist teachers visit us to teach French, PE, modern dance and music and children can start to learn an instrument if they wish.  

Year Two at Culford Pre-Prep

Year 2 brings additional exciting opportunities and responsibilities. As the eldest children in the Pre-Prep, they are all buddied with younger children and may also be chosen as house or form captains.

Our children continue to have daily numeracy and literacy lessons, including regular one-on-one reading sessions and whole class or guided group periods. In Year 2 the curriculum is enhanced with cross-curricular topics, whilst learning becomes more focused on themes such as, ‘Castles’, ‘Life Around the World’ and ‘At the Seaside’.

As in Year 1, we look to enhance the children’s learning journey with a range of trips and excursions to local wildlife centres and a residential stay in Norfolk.  The culmination of Year 2 is a summer production which Year 2 lead.

Grand Days Out and Big Days In

We love to supplement our in-class learning with excursions to places of interest such as Moyse’s Hall, the Suffolk Owl Sanctuary and Lackford Lakes. We also like to invite experts to hold events at Culford Pre-Prep; recent examples include a fantastic music workshop with Culford Prep School, a Welly Walk in aid of Cancer Research and our amazing Castles Day.  On top of all this we hold regular assemblies, concerts, speech and drama days and a summer production.  So as you can see, we pack a lot into Pre-Prep Year 1 & 2 at Culford!

Find Out More About Culford Pre-Prep & Nursery

If you’d like to know more about Culford Pre-Prep & Nursery then please contact our Admissions Team on Bury St Edmunds (01284) 385308 or email them by clicking here. They will be able to give you all the information you need and will be happy to arrange a visit for you.