Welcome from the Head

Here at Culford Prep there are two things we want to see: happy children and an enthusiasm for learning. I am delighted to say, at Culford Prep these are commonplace. Our ethos of mutual respect and friendliness between pupils and teachers creates the ideal atmosphere for teaching and learning.

Such an ethos can only be achieved if the teachers are utterly committed to providing for the needs of the children and will, as a matter of course, go the extra mile for their pupils. In that respect Culford Prep are blessed. Our Common Room is filled with exemplary teachers who take their academic and pastoral responsibilities extremely seriously and who can, through their close relationships with the children in their care, offer help and support should it be required.

Many, around 50%, of Culford Prep School pupils choose to board, and it is easy to see why. Our boarders enjoy a wide range of activities, including evening entertainment and weekend trips, in addition to having full access to Culford's impressive range of sports, art, music and drama facilities. And with the constant support of our House Master and House Mistresses, boarding really is a fun home-from-home.