Scholarships & Bursaries

We are proud of our long standing tradition of offering Scholarships and Exhibitions in recognition and encouragement of pupils who show real talent and potential for excellence.

Science Lesson at Culford Senior School

Our vibrant Scholarship Programme, in which all scholars participate, complements our Scholars’ and Gifted and Talented Programme, providing a comprehensive calendar of events throughout the academic year. There are weekly scholars’ tutorials as well as a variety of visiting speakers. Many of these events are open to all pupils, and to which parents are also welcomed. If you would like to download or view this year’s programme of events, please click here.


Range of Scholarships at Culford Prep and Senior School

We encourage pupils to explore new ideas, challenge their own thinking, and that of others, in order to achieve their full potential. There is a monetary value to each award, expressed as a discount on school fees, up to a value of between 10-50%.

The following Scholarships and Exhibitions are offered for pupils entering the school:

Academic Scholarships     (11+, 13+ and 16+) 
The Headmaster’s Foundation Scholarships  (13+ and 16+)
The William Miller Science Scholarship    (16+)
The Professor Watson Science Scholarship  (16+)
Sixth Form Maths Scholarship    (16+)
Music Scholarships    (11+, 13+, 16+)
Art Scholarships  (13+ and 16+)
Design Technology Scholarships       (13+ and 16+)
Drama Scholarships    (13+ and 16+)
General Sports Scholarships (from 13+)
Individual Sports Scholarships   (from 13+)
Tennis Scholarships    (from 11+)
Swimming Scholarships   (from 11+)
Headmaster’s Jubilee (All Round) Scholarships    (11+, 13+, 16+)

All applicants are required to complete a Registration Form in order to sit Entrance and Scholarship Examinations or Assessment, and attend an interview.

The value and maintenance of any Scholarship or Exhibition is at the discretion of the Headmaster and is subject to periodic review.

For general information about Scholarship criteria please click below to download or view our Scholarships and Exhibitions Information booklet. If you have any further questions, please contact the Admissions Office on 01284 385308 or email

Scholarships and Exhibitions Information Booklet

The Gibbs Scholarship

The Gibbs Scholarship Fund was established in June by donations from the Methodist Independent schools to mark the retirement of Dr John Gibbs after 40 years as a member and 29 years as Chairman of the Board of Management for Methodist Independent Schools.

The purpose of the Scholarships are to enable pupils of Methodist schools in English and Wales to undertake worthwhile vacation or GAP year projects in the UK and abroad which otherwise would not be possible.


Financial Assistance at Culford School

Music Lesson at Culford Senior School

Bursaries are available to assist children to attend Culford who might not otherwise be able to afford to take up a place, or to help current pupils remain at Culford. Bursaries are awarded in strictest confidence and exist to help those in financial need. A bursary application may also be made to augment the value of a Scholarship or Exhibition.

Bursaries are provided from income, endowments and gifts and as such are a limited resource. If you wish to apply to the School for financial support you will need to complete a Financial Circumstances Form; offers of support made in this way are reviewed every year and financial circumstances paperwork must be completed annually. Applications are assessed by the Bursary Committee. Forms may be downloaded using the link above or can be requested from the Registrar.

Bursaries are not usually offered below the age of 11, except to pupils already in the School, whose parents meet financial hardship.

Early application is strongly advised, ideally prior to entrance exams. Late applications may be made, but parents may be required to accept or decline a place at Culford before results of those applications are known. For this reason early applications are encouraged.

More information?

If you have any further questions about bursaries at Culford, please contact the Admissions Office on 01284 385308 or email