Pop Art Wall of Fame

Have your photograph transformed into a POP ART masterpiece.

"In the future everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes."

Andy Warhol

The creative arts connect us deeply to the world and to other people, and speak directly to our key values of flexibility and innovation. Therefore, if we want to empower our pupils to express themselves fully as creative individuals, we need an art department that will provide the inspiration they deserve. This is not simply for the budding Monet; this is an ambition for all of our pupils. 
The ambition for our pupils is matched by the vision we have for this new department, which will be completely reimagined to provide a clean, inspiring and open studio to enable pupils to express themselves, framed by floor-to-ceiling windows that open up to a new terraced area and on to the park itself. It will celebrate creativity, mindfulness and the park itself.
We cannot do this without your help, therefore every donation plays a huge role in bringing this ambitious plan into reality. We wanted to be creative in how we raise funds, therefore we are delighted to introduce our pop art portraits. For a donation of £100, your photo will be transformed into a pop art canvas and displayed in locations around the school for a year, after which you can take it home.

Portrait places are limited, so please reserve your POP ART portrait by booking it online, or by requesting a paper form from the Foundation Office. Details will then follow about how to supply your photograph.  

purchase your pop art masterpiece here

Wall of Fame Leaflet