Boarding and Day

Excellent pastoral care, in the context of a safe, caring and vibrant community is at the centre Culford School life for both boarders and day pupils. We believe it is not enough for pupils to be busy, challenged and successful; they must also be happy.   If children are not happy they will find it difficult to realise their potential and achieve in their chosen fields.

Individual Pastoral Care

Each Culford pupil is supported by a personal tutor as well as the Housemaster or Housemistress of their House.  There are four Houses at Culford Senior School and each caters for boys or girls aged between 13 and 18.  Two of the Houses are for boys and two for girls and all of them mix boarding and day pupils.

Culford’s Housemaster – Housemistress team currently consists of:

Cornwallis Boys' Boarding & Day House Mr G Reynolds 
Edwards Boys' Boarding & Day House Mr J Holiday-Scott
Fitzgerald Girls' Boarding & Day House Mrs L Bryant
Jocelyn Girls' Boarding & Day House Mrs S Haughey

Culford School Houses

Pupils quickly form close allegiances to their Houses and their ‘house parents’, and owing to the mix of ages within them they offer an excellent support network and opportunities for showing leadership and affording guidance.

All the Houses aim to create a family atmosphere in which each child will be encouraged to become independent, taking on more responsibility for himself/herself and others in readiness for life at university and beyond.