Faith and Worship

Culford is a Methodist school and our identity as a Christian school is felt in all we do. We welcome children of all faiths, and of none. Boarding pupils may, of course, attend services according to their own faith where we can arrange it.

Culford values the whole child – mind, body and spirit and nurture their sense of wonder at God’s creation. We also encourage them to value each other as part of that creation.

Each pupil attends two formal services a week known as “Collective Worship”. These are a chance to draw breath and to reflect. Teenagers have an amazing capacity for personal growth but they need this opportunity to sit, listen, think, pray and let the quiet voice of the Spirit speak. We are a Christian school and we share that common identity in part through our Collective Worship. As a Methodist school we are rightly proud of our hymn singing and we have our own hymn and prayer book. The sermons are preached by a variety of staff which adds to the richness of our spirituality.

The Lower Fifth (Year 10) pupils have a whole Chaplaincy day each term exploring issues such as world poverty and human rights. The Upper Fifth have a weekly Chaplaincy lesson exploring issues of spiritual and emotional development.

Every pupil has access to the Chaplain and if they have a need to talk to someone outside of the framework of their House and tutor, I am there to help. Particularly at times of family crisis I take a pro-active role in giving comfort and support. Part of a Chaplain’s role is also to pray and I do so for pupils and families whenever I know of a need.

Rev Simon Crompton-Battersby, School Chaplain

Rev Crompton-Battersby

Role: School Chaplain
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