Scholarships & Bursaries

Culford Senior School Scholarships are available at ages 13+ and 16+. Exhibitions are also offered at these ages.

Scholarships and Exhibitions are awarded openly as an honour on the basis of merit. Scholarships are reserved for candidates who show a breadth of strong talents. Exhibitions may be awarded to candidates who show strength in a particular area, or whose talents are broad, but not of sufficient standard to attract a more major award.

In the Senior School, Scholars and Exhibitioners all benefit equally from the Scholars' Programme and support of the Head of Scholars.

If you would like to discuss Culford School's range of scholarships - from academic scholarships to sports scholarships - then please call the Admissions Department on Bury St Edmunds (01284) 728615 or email them by clicking here


  • Scholarship awards are worth up to 25% of tuition fees, and Exhibitions up to 10%. Candidates may sit for more than one award but the total award will not exceed 25%. This means that parents may receive a fee remission of either up to 25% or 10% against the full tuition fees. 
  •  Applications to sit for Scholarships should ideally be received at least one month before the Culford Entrance Exams, and a supporting reference must be received from the Head of the current school prior to the candidate sitting those exams.

Information about specific scholarships can be found in the drop down menu on the left hand side of the screen, or by reading the Scholarships and Exhibition Awards information brochure below:

Scholarships & Exhibitions for Entry at 13+

13+ Scholarships will be reassessed upon transfer to Culford's Sixth Form. Parents are asked to take advice from the child's current Head before nominating candidates for any of the following awards. In the case of a specialist award (eg Art or Music) the recommendation of specialist teachers is also necessary. 

Up to four Academic Scholarships and up to two Music, two Art, two Design & Technology, two Drama and two Sports Scholarships may be awarded which are worth up to 25% of tuition fees. In addition, up to two Jubilee Scholarships may be awarded which are worth up to 25% of tuition or boarding fees. Exhibitions awarded in any subject are worth up to 10% of tuition fees. Hockey, Rugby, Swimming and Tennis Exhibitions and Scholarships are also offered. 

Please click on the link below to see the Scholarship Examination dates for this academic year:

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Scholars' Programme 2015-2016

The year-round programme which brings outstanding academics and fascinating speakers to Culford School. This year's theme is 'Language and ...' and includes Dr Arik Kershenbaum, Prof Simon Horobin and Head of English Alexia Glasswell.

Rugby Scholarships

Combine an excellent education with a first class rugby programme 

The Culford Express

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Tennis Scholarships

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