Culford School

Mission and Values


Our Mission

  • To unlock the full potential of every pupil.

Our Values

  • We believe that our school, staff and pupils must be flexible, innovative, dynamic and resilient. To be so requires honesty, courage and compassion. 

Our Vision

  • To be regarded as the best boarding school in East Anglia; and as a dynamic school renowned for our focus upon individual children and our success in fulfilling their ambitions.

To make children ready for life means developing them into flexible, innovative, dynamic and resilient young adults. The first three are key values in a world in which change is the only constant; and young adults also need to learn resilience as failures and setbacks sometimes lead to our greatest successes.

To provide the right environment we demand the same attributes from ourselves as a school and as teachers, modelling the values we want pupils to learn. In line with our Christian ethos and Methodist foundation, we also seek to model the honesty to learn from our own flaws whilst treating others with compassion.

It is a simple proposition: young adults should leave Culford ready for life, a credit to us and a delight to you.