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Flashback Fridays began in March 2020, as a way to bring Old Culfordians and East Anglian Schools together in a peculiar time of lockdown and isolation. 

On this page you can find all of our Flashback Fridays in one place. We wanted to make it accessible for everyone, bringing as many people together as possible.

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The historical moments unveiled in our Flashback Friday's show how life has changed at Culford over the years, from being a family home to a functioning school.

Alongside bringing back fond memories for our alumni, Flashback Fridays has inspired people to begin making new ones too. Since the launch of these newsletters, we have heard of multiple alumni reunions and catch-up's on the content of the latest Flashback Friday instalment.

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''When the Queen said 'We'll meet again', I don't suppose she envisaged the old girls and boys all starting to communicate again with long lost friends! Each Friday, we have enjoyed laying aside Covid fears and lockdown loneliness and re-lived our school days. All great fun!''

Cynthia Green nee Flack (1942-1956)


Friday 1st October

We have had an amazing response to last week's Flashback Friday and many of our unknown figures have been identified.

Over the next week, Culford is hosting the annual Senior School Inter-House Cross Country; so we will take a look at cross country photographs throughout the years. 

The photograph of the unknown female teacher was actually Miss E Wilson. She had been nicknamed E Willy to avoid confusion with another teacher with the same last name, and taught Maths during her time at EAS.

Here are the memories of her from former pupils...

 ''Miss E Wilson was quite short with an Irish accent and a bubbly personality. She was a truly inspirational Maths teacher. I'm not sure when she arrived at EAS but she left in the summer of 1960, much to my disappointment. I'm reasonably sure she left to return to her Irish roots.''

''I know Miss E Wilson was the House Mistress in Abbott Sampson in 1957/8, as I was the Senior House Prefect in Abbott Sampson that year.''

''I remember she was petite but had a fiery temper. She was my form tutor and fantastic at teaching Maths.''

In regards to Cross Country, former pupil Geoff recalls taking part and running the Pioneer Corps instead of rugby. He says, ''We used to assemble at the woodwork department yard, board the school truck, ride out to where a tree had fallen and using six footed double-ended saws reduce it to 3 foot pieces. I used to be the beetle and wedge expert; using a 14lb sledgehammer and iron wedges to split the trunk sections into a suitable size for fuel. We then loaded the truck, formed a human cargo net over the logs and returned to the woodyard. The logs were used for fuel.  

I have been trying to remember which master drove the lorry, I think, Mr. Edwards but someone will know. We also used felling axes. No safety goggles, no leg or foot protection apart from football boots and no gloves. I cannot remember any injury other than minor scrapes. Today, health and safety would go mad!''

A former pupil also filled in some of the gaps around the rooftop photographs published in last week's edition...

"The two photos of the rooftops must have been taken from the top of the tower above the entrance. Other alumni may remember the staircase that led up from beside the door into Jermyn 1 Dormitory, which led to the Tower Room. There was a then a second staircase above that leading to a balcony around the roof.  It was out of bounds, but I doubt I was the only one ever to go up there!"

Seeing the photograph of the play last week sent one of our former pupil's on a trip down memory lane, expressing...

''When I was in Cadogan House we had the 'Dorm 9' play in 1962. As there were only 9 junior boys in Dorm 9, the cast number would have been limited. I played one of the ugly sisters in Cinderella. The lines were easy to learn as it was all in rhyme, with all of the dresses provided by female staff members!''

We also have a message from a former pupil on life after Culford...

 ''Thanks so much for all that you do and have done to keep us old boys and girls connected with EAS and Culford. As a pony rider from the age of 4, I moved on and became involved with the Suffolk Hunt Pony Club. Among the members were some fellow Culford pupils. The pony club was a vibrant community and we all learnt so much about animal health as well as being able to ride through the instruction by former cavalry officers!''

To finish this week's Flashback Friday, Samantha Salisbury has a message regarding Miss Disney...

''Many of you will remember Miss Disney sat on my shoulder, encouraging me whilst doing my Scilly Swim. I would love to share a message I recently received from an OC: ''Four of us EAS girls were staying in Norfolk recently,  and they had previously come across this bench on an earlier visit at Burnham Overy Staithe.

Miss Disney was a real character! She wore a short pleated games skirt and open toed sandals all year round!! She had numerous sayings that no doubt many others will remember - “get a goal or bust” and “only fools stand in doorways”.

Thank you to everyone for your brilliant responses as always.

Images have been kindly donated to us by various former pupils.