Coloured Swim Caps

Culford Sports Centre's swimming team have introduced colour coded swim caps for each level of class in our swimming lesson programme.  This is a really positive step that puts our children's swimming programme inline with best swimming practise.

The cost of swimming hats will be incorporated into the course price and hats will then be given to every child at initial enrolment and again without additional charge whenever they move up a class thereafter. 

Replacement caps can be purchased from our Reception at a reduced price of £2 each.

Coloured Swim Caps
Red Stage 1
Green Stage 2
Yellow Stage 3
Blue Stage 4
White Stage 5
Purple Stage 6
Black Stage 7
Orange Stage 8
Coral Grey Stage 9
Gold Stage 10

The benefits for you and your children will be:

  • It will incentivise and reward your children to progress within the scheme.
  • It will help reduce pollutants in the pool water therefore allowing us to reduce the amount of chemicals we need to use in the water, making the water quality even better for your children.
  • It will help identify swimmers for each class more easily making the pool area a safer place for your children.