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Episode 4: CCF

"It's more than just an activity, it's a whole community."

Join Senior School pupils Harriet and Elizabeth as they delve into Culford's Combined Cadet Force programme, more commonly known as the CCF.

Within the episode, our hosts talk to key staff members Colour Sergeant Roach and Captain Schofield, who tell us about their roles within the CCF and the exciting experiences of adventure training. Later in the show, pupil cadets Holly and Guy discuss the benefits of joining the CCF in Fourth Form and the values it has instilled in them, preparing them for life after Culford.

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Episode 3: Academy Sports

"Sport brings a melting pot of culture to this school."

In our third episode of On the Air, Kayode and Alicia delve into Culford's renowned Sports Academy Programmes: Golf, Tennis, Swimming and Football.

With a staggering eight guests, this episode features a variety of key staff members and pupils associated with each Academy Programme. Our coaches share their experiences of the sport before Culford life, including some of their biggest struggles and their sporting highlights. Sports pupils tell us how their involvement in Culford's Academy Programmes is helping to shape their future careers as athletes. 

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Episode 2: Boarding Life

"The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members."

In this week's episode, Nabila and Phoebe talk to fellow pupils and Heads of Boarding Houses, Rosie and Josh.  Rosie tells us about her experiences as a part-time boarder, while Josh offers advice for new boarders dealing with homesickness.

Later in the show, our hosts are joined by House Matron, Eve Ladell. Eve describes the differences between working in girls' and boys' boarding houses, her past life as a DJ for Calvin Harris and the challenges overcome by the boarding community at Culford School.

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Episode 1: Meet The Heads

''Live in the moment. Moments make history.''

Join Senior School pupils Elliot and Harriet as they make history with the debut of Culford School's podcast.

In this pilot episode, our hosts talk to Headmaster, Julian Johnson-Munday and Head of Pre-Prep and Prep School, Claire Bentley. Mr. Johnson-Munday tells us about his role within the school and highlights the importance of teamwork within an educational structure. Mrs. Bentley shares with us how proud she is of the resilience shown by pupils and staff throughout the pandemic and what her own school experiences were like.

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