SOCS Overview

At Culford we use an online system called SOCS (School Online Communication System). We currently use this system for sports fixtures and from January 2022 we will be extending our platform to include the school calendar and co-curricular modules.

SOCS allows you and your child to view school information in one convenient place; it will give you full access to your child’s timetables, both academic and co-curricular. These can be synced to your own personal online calendar meaning you will never miss a school event again. The system allows you to see what clubs and activities are happening in school and gives you the opportunity to discuss activities with your child and sign them up as necessary.

School Calendar

If you wish to visit the main school calendar with details of every event taking place in school, then visit the Culford School hompage and click calendar located on the top left of the page.

You can view the calendar as a grid or a list by selecting either icon; once you have chosen how you would like to view the calendar you can select day, week or month view. You can filter the calendar using the Filter Calendar section​; this allows you to focus on parts of the calendar that are relevant to you. You can use the calendar synchronise button to synchronise the entire school calendar or your chosen filters; any subsequent changes to the calendar will then update on your personal calendar. If you are visiting our calendar website on a mobile device you will notice it loads up as a Mobile Web App. The Mobile Web App will allow you to access the school calendar on the go and save the icon to your home screen so you can access the calendar quickly.

Co-curricular Activities Programme

The SOCS system allows you to log in to see what clubs, activities and fixtures your child is involved in. You can view this information on your phone, tablet or PC and (if desired) synchronise the clubs and fixtures into your own personal calendar on your phone, tablet or PC. 

We use SOCS Co-Curricular to run our activity sign-up process, so both you and your child can log in and sign up to the various activities that are on offer. ​The sign-up window for co-curricular activities is Monday 22nd November to Sunday 5th December; this gives you or your child plenty of time to sign up for the activities they wish to undertake and for you to speak to them about their choices. Please note, only Senior School pupils will be able to sign up and select their own activities, both Pre-Prep and Prep School will be parental sign up only.

Setting Up Your Parent Account

To set up your parent account for the SOCS website please click here. Click parent login, put the email address that we hold for you at school and click activate account. You will then receive an email detailing how to set your password. Once you have completed the sign-up process and selected activities with your child you can either re-visit the system to see what is happening or you can click the Calendar Sync button to add the events and activities into your personal calendar on your device, the system automatically updates with details of clubs, fixtures and cancellations and so forth.

Sports Fixtures

To view details about sports fixtures, including team sheets, start times and location please click here.

To access team sheets you will be required to enter the following password:


Need help?

If you have any problems accessing SOCS or any of our other online platforms, please email