SOCS Sport: Information for Parents

You can view our SOCS Sport module by clicking the Sports Fixtures link on the top left of our homepage.

You might want to save the address in your favourites and send it to your family and friends, if so the web address for this is:  

To see at a glance what is on, where and when, you have a number of choices:

You can either navigate to our Sports Fixtures link at the top left of our homepage, and then select the day you are interested in and then click the Details link. This shows the venue and if we're playing away will have a link to the location map of our opponent's school. You can also see the team selected for the fixture wherever you see this blue image .  Normally we announce team selections at least the day before and in some cases 48 hours before.

From the Sports Calendar you can also click directly through to a team's fixtures & results listing by clicking the Team's Name. e.g. click on the “Girls-U16A”.

If you are following a particular team or teams you can also select Sports & Teams Fixtures & Results from the main menu. Then select a particular sport and your team to see past results and upcoming fixtures.

From any teams Fixture list you can “Spy” on the opponents recent results by clicking on the spyglass button , or see the playing record by clicking on this button ,  or find their location by clicking on the map point button  .

From any team’s Fixtures & Results listings you can also download the entire fixture list to your personal calendar on your PC or mobile device (such as an iPhone or iPad). Any changes we make to our fixtures will be synchronised with your personal calendar whenever you connect your PC or mobile device to the Internet.

If you need to quickly find an away venue for one of our opponents you can either choose the map link directly from a fixture, available via the “details” button as described above, or you can select “Opponent Maps & Links” from the main menu.

If you are visiting our sports website on your mobile phone you will notice it loads up as a Mobile Web App. Full instructions for how to get the most out of the Web App can be found online by clicking here >>>. The mobile Web App will allow you to access Fixture and Team Sheet information on the go.

We hope this helps to keep you informed.