Culford School


We understand the importance of learning basic skills which is why our pupils have daily lessons in numeracy and literacy.


Our structured approach includes creative writing, grammar and phonics classes with daily one-to-one reading sessions. Knowing that children learn in different ways and at different paces, we adopt a range of teaching styles and strategies to ensure that every child is engaged and motivated in their learning.

Using interactive whiteboards, laptops, iPads and hands-on experiences enhances lessons. As well as traditional learning, we also try to develop the children’s skills through alternative approaches. For instance, philosophy encourages a deeper level of understanding through listening and questioning. We also encourage our children to think about their own education and take the time to understand what works best for them as individuals.

Through regular assessments we closely monitor and predict your child’s progress and work with you to ensure that their potential is fulfilled. We are very proud of what our children achieve, both inside and outside the classroom.