Culford School

Beyond the Classroom

As well as providing a brilliant academic start in life, Culford Pre-Prep offers children an all-round education.

Along with their Forest School sessions, pupils at Culford Pre-Prep and Nursery enjoy a rich and varied timetable including art, music, drama and sport including Tiny Tots Tennis, country dancing and ballet. 

The Arts

Art at the Pre-Prep School provides children with a unique opportunity of perceiving themselves and the world, which is essential to basic education. It grants visual, tactile and sensory experiences and a special way of understanding and responding to the world.

We also explore art through many cross-curricular activities including music, dance, forest school – where they build a relationship between nature and art – role-play and imaginative play. By observing children playing without adult intervention, it reveals their innate ‘drama’ skills such as the ability to create, adopt and sustain roles, to interact with others in imagined settings and to communicate feelings and atmosphere. 

French and Spanish

Between the ages of 3 and 9 years, a child is able to pick up languages with great ease and few inhibitions. From 9 years of age onwards, the inner ear starts to close, making it more difficult for a child to differentiate between the different sounds. As such, French and Spanish is introduced at Culford at a very young age.

The emphasis in class is learning languages through fun activities, such as group renditions of traditional songs.

When pupils make the transition to Prep School, these languages should be as familiar to them as maths and English. They are then introduced to writing to languages.