Culford School


Culford Prep School seeks to give our pupils a memorable education through which they can develop and thrive.

The Prep School offers a highly individualised, supportive learning journey that is challenging, enriching and fun, which equips children for a lifetime of learning and gives them the best possible start.

Teaching & Learning: Lower Prep (Years 3, 4 and 5)

In Culford's Lower Prep we combine an academic curriculum with very high quality teaching and plenty of creative opportunities. Lower Prep pupils are in one of two mixed ability classes that are deliberately kept small in size so pupils' progress can be carefully monitored and opportunities and issues addressed.

Typically, about half of a pupil's lessons will be with the class teacher, but there is specialist teaching for science, French, art and design technology from the start. The pupils have access to the impressive music and sports facilities at Culford School. From Lower Second (year 5), they will be set according to ability for mathematics; lower sets are small so that individual attention to numeracy skills can be given.

Teaching & Learning: Upper Prep (Years 6, 7 and 8)

In Culford's Upper Prep, all teaching is carried out by subject specialists and, through streaming, we can support the less able and stretch the most gifted pupils.

Individual pupil progress is monitored closely and take internal examinations in the autumn and summer terms. Subject teachers and form tutors work together so that all pupils are stretched and supported. We constantly seek to build strong partnerships between pupils, parents and teachers. Assessment grades are provided to parents at each half term with written reports at the end of the autumn and summer terms. Parents are encouraged to attend Parents' Evenings to discuss children’s progress with individual teachers.

All pupils are thoroughly prepared for progression to Culford Senior School at 13+ and there is a high level of liaison between the two schools to ensure that the transition is seamless. Pupils complete entrance exams individually to make the experience less stressful for your child, with the results provided within a week. Successful candidates will be invited to the Culford Discovery Day, which provides an exciting and fun opportunity to learn what our School has to offer.