Culford School

Enrichment Programme

The Prep School’s Enrichment Programme is open to scholarship holders, as well as gifted and talented pupils.

Those who participate attend a weekly session of challenging, multi-disciplinary activities based around a theme that changes each cycle. Recent topics have included art history, science and industry, Shakespeare’s Macbeth, migration and preparation for a mock trial. We aim to encourage scholarliness, reflective independent learning, fascination for diverse subjects and a cross-curricular approach.

The Enrichment Programme proves consistently popular with those who attend and ensures that our most able pupils achieve their potential whilst having a great deal of fun.

The Enrichment Programme runs in the Summer term and forms part of the Scholars' year-round programme which brings outstanding academics and fascinating speakers to Culford School. It includes Scholarship preparation sessions and invitations to attend the array of visiting speakers who come to talk at Culford, amongst many other opportunities to develop young and enquiring minds. This year’s programme includes talks by Ben Parry, film conductor and composer; Nathaniel Rackowe, artist and sculptor; Helena Kim, author and psychologist and Gary Newbon, television broadcaster.