Culford School

Music and Drama

Culford Prep School has a fine tradition of music-making both in and out of school. Its various musicians, ensembles and choirs provide music throughout the year in concerts, assemblies and House competitions.

The school also performs in Bury St Edmunds on a number of occasions during the year, most notably at the Carol Service in St Edmundsbury Cathedral. There are currently two choirs, senior and junior string ensembles, Samba band, two string quartets and a small jazz group.

There are a range of annual productions where pupils are encouraged to take on roles in the cast, chorus and backstage. There is a whole school production for pupils in Second and Third Form at the start of February, Lower First have a nativity at Christmas and the Upper First have a Summer term play. Past productions have included a number of internally written musicals including The Madness of Toad, A Topsy-Turvy Treasure Island, Granny’s House and Run Rabbit Run as well as traditional classic plays such as A Midsomer Night’s Dream, Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet.

Culford Prep School encourages pupils to participate in musical activities in their spare time as well as within school. Joining the choir or learning a musical instrument is a great way to do this.