Culford School

School Life

Pupils begin to arrive at school from 8.00am onwards. Having dropped off their belongings in their Form rooms, the children then play outside or wander and chat until the school day officially begins at 8.20am when the Arch bell is rung. Then, pupils report to their Form rooms for registration. Each year group is split into either two or three Forms with, on average, 16 pupils in each class.


Morning Lessons

The first lesson starts at 8.45am. Lessons are 40 minutes each and there are three lessons leading up to morning break. Breaks are 25 minutes long, with juice and biscuits available and the children are free to play. There follows a further two lessons, until lunch which starts at 12.30pm in the Ashby Dining Room.

Lunchtime is 55 minutes long and pupils are able to play, chat or read in the Library whilst the years groups are invited in for lunch on a daily rotation.

Afternoon Lessons

Following a five minute registration at 1.25pm, there are three lessons, ending at 3.30pm. There follows a ten minute Form Period, allowing Pupil Planners to be checked, ensuring everyone is organised with their evening Prep and prepared for the following day.

At 3.40pm day pupils may be collected to go home, however, a significant number of children choose to stay for afternoon tea and participate in the Activities Programme from 4pm-5.20pm.

End of the day

The school day officially ends at 5.20pm. Day pupils sign out when their parents arrive or they may take one the school buses home. If they are a boarder, they return to Cadogan House for the evening where they will complete their Prep and have some relaxation time with their friends after supper in the dining room.