Culford School

Pastoral Care

The pastoral aspect of Prep School life is at the very heart of everything we do. We wish for every child to feel happy, safe and secure. Our aim is that each child fulfils their potential as a well rounded individual and that children: have high self-esteem; show empathy towards others; are respectful of others and the environment; and show a good understanding of our core Christian Values.

These core values and messages are constantly being reinforced through the school's Learning for Life Programme which includes personal, social, health, economic, citizenship and relationship education, led my tutors and key staff. In addition, weekly Collective Worship selects themes for reflection. Form teachers are pivotal in the care we provide and they see their tutees formally several times a day.

There is a thorough Induction Programme for new pupils and parents, with careful liaison between the Prep School and each child’s current school, in an effort to make the process as seamless as possible.

Pupil voice and pupil responsibility are an important aspect of our pastoral system. There are several pupil committees including the School Council, Charities and Activity House Committees which allow the pupils a fair say and a responsibility for shared decision making as well as putting forward proposals to discuss with the school's Senior Management Team.

Every member of Upper Third (Year 8) gets the opportunity to develop their leadership skills by becoming part of school crews. Pupil responsibilities include Form Captaincy, Team Captaincy, Librarians, Activity House Captaincy and the Leadership Opportunities in their final year.