Culford School

Academic Results

Exam results are a constant source of pride for our pupils. Culfordians excel in their GCSE and A Level exams, fulfilling potential and gaining the knowledge and skills required for the next stage of their education.

GCSE Grades A* and A (9-7) A* to B (9-6) A* to C (9-4)
2023 53% 72% 97%
2022 50% 70% 99%
2021 56% 75% 99%
2020 55% 78% 99%
2019 44% 64% 95%
2018 47% 68% 93%
2017 45% 68% 92%
A Level Grades A* and A A* to B  A* to C  A* to E
2023 32% 63% 82% 98%
2022 40% 66% 86% 99%
2021 48% 77% 92% 100%
2020 37% 66% 84% 100%
2019 26% 53% 79% 99%
2018 22% 46% 72% 99%
Education is preparation for life in its fullest sense as even one’s career forms only a small part of a fulfilled life. The true measure of success in any school is young men and women who have achieved their full potential not only academically, but also as mature young adults.



"...Culford Sixth Form has the perfect balance of feeling like a sixth form college while still being at Culford "

Ciaran, Head Boy


I have been able to pursue my passion, win a place at the National Youth Film Academy and secure a job at a leading marketing agency. This would not have been possible without Culford's support.

Hadley, Recent Leaver
A* Art, A* Digital Media, Pass B-tec Business

I am taught by such inspiring and energetic teachers whose passion for their subject is not only evident, but contagious!

Ophelia, Recent Leaver - Oxford University
A* Art, A* Business, A French


Culford has influenced me in such a positive way, especially Mr Dodd. He taught me so much about the game of golf and passed on valuable knowledge I will take with me as I head to America.

Tom, Recent Leaver
Full Golf Scholarship to an American University

Culford helped to set me up for the future by teaching me how to interact with the public and by giving me the confidence to believe in myself.

Lucy, Recent Leaver
A* Economics, A Maths, A Geography

My teachers have supported, prepared and inspired me for my life after Culford.

Jess, Former Head Boy
A Economics, A Maths, B Geography

Being part of the tennis academy helped me achieve my ambition to study at an American university on a full scholarship.

Kira, Recent Leaver
Full Tennis Scholarship to an American University

Culford has shown me there is more to life than academics. It's important to balance your time and make time for your friends.

Katie, Recent Leaver
A* Biology, A* Chemistry, A* Maths, A Further Maths