Culford School

Pathway to success


Our aim is to provide an active and dynamic careers programme where pupils undertake a journey of informed self-discovery to identify their values and future pathways. This journey is underpinned by information, resources and practical experimentation, supported by strong industry partnerships.

Pupils are led on a progressive journey of skill and knowledge building, exposing them to a wide range of careers and study paths, equipping them as individuals to make informed decisions about their future. Using the Gatsby benchmarks, a good careers programme also helps to raise their aspirations, motivation and therefore achievement.

Senior School

Within learning for life lessons in the Senior School, pupils are introduced to Morrisby, a complete and extensive online careers programme with aspiration testing to help pupils find career and study paths best suited to them. Pupils look at the skills and qualifications needed for a variety of roles and subjects. We help pupils explore possible future options and decision making strategies to help them choose their GCSE and A Level options.

Sixth Form

Within the Culford VI lessons, pupils use Morrisby to research subjects and courses both in the UK and abroad, as well as degree apprenticeships and search jobs and labour market information. Pupils can share their Morrisby page showing favourited courses, universities and degree apprenticeships with parents.

Supporting pupils with our Sixth Form Choices, Oxbridge and Life After Culford events, we aim to equip pupils with the knowledge and skills to help them with their post-18 choices. With further lessons and tutorials, we offer pupils extensive support with their degree choices and applications, as well as degree apprenticeships which are increasing in range and demand.

Career Talks

Talks are offered to pupils on a comprehensive and varied selection of careers from our OC’s and school community, offering pupils real life knowledge and experience of their roles and career paths. Pupils develop their interview skills from sessions with parents within a range of careers, putting the pupils through a series of rigorous interviews to give them a real and current knowledge of interview technique, with valuable feedback. Parents, OC’s and the Culford community offer their time to talk at career lunches with our senior pupils, giving them an individual feel for a range of jobs and careers, sharing honest experiences of their journey to their career, the choices they made, as well as how their sector is developing and future opportunities. Furthermore, we have specialists visit to talk to pupils about workplace expectations, as well as current and insightful information from HR specialists. All these can help with career decisions and enable our pupils to build a network, creating future opportunities for themselves, as well as initiating desire and raising aspirations.


We offer a comprehensive support package for any pupils aspiring to applying to Oxford or Cambridge. In addition to attending our Oxbridge Conference, pupils are invited to apply for the Oxbridge study group in Upper Fifth, giving them a taste of the application process and skills needed for the level of study. Every pupil applying to Oxbridge is supported by a specific teacher to mentor them in writing their personal statement, comparing the courses and preparing for and interview and/or assessment. 


All Lower Fifth and Lower Sixth pupils are offered career profiling, a combination of psychometric testing and soft skills, personality and work-style analysis makes Morrisby Profiling the gold standard in careers and advice services. These assessments show aptitudes alongside their practical abilities, interests, aspirations and personality, allowing pupils to explore themselves and how they work in a new way. The data is analysed to deliver personalised and impartial results which include suggestions for further study and careers. Along with a lifetime login for further careers support, this will give pupils more confidence to make informed decisions about their future pathways.

Hear from our Pupils

School life has been instrumental in encouraging my independence, while being a part of sports teams has taught me the importance of teamwork. Throughout my journey, I've encountered so many people who have left a lasting impact on me, both staff and fellow pupils.

Henry, A*, A, A
Medicine, University of Leicester

Having grown up at Culford since I was eight, it has completely shaped the person I am today. I was always confident in the knowledge that I had an enormous support system around me, and I have learnt the power of tenacity coupled with positivity. Culford has taught me that I am able to follow set backs and continue persevering with a smile on my face.

Issey, A, B, C
English Literature, University of Exeter 2024

Culford has taught me that it is easy to work well with people from many cultural backgrounds. There have been teachers and friends that have had a big impact on me, including Mr Nunn, Mr Rees, Mr Christopher, Mr Tyler and Dr Butler - thank you all for helping me settle in quickly and excel in my subjects.

Demi, A*, B, B
Business Management, Royal Holloway University

I want to thank the Jocelyn girls who made Culford such a special place for me to stay as a part-time boarder. I would thoroughly recommend an element of boarding to anyone joining the school. Culford has prepared me well for my future, and while I'm sad to leave, I eagerly anticipate the path these opportunities will lead me on.

Bella, A*, A*, A
Architecture, Bath University

I am grateful that my teachers made classroom learning exciting and were always willing to go the extra mile to support me. Take advantage of all the opportunities here; you never know what passion you may discover. 

George, A*, A*, A*, A*
Engineering, Cambridge University

I joined Culford in Fourth Form and never imagined I’d be leaving a National Golf Champion with a scholarship to Florida State University. My passion for golf stepped up a level in Lower Fifth and having a PGA professional and former England international as a coach and mentor was invaluable. 

Tyler, GB Golfer
Golf Scholarship, Florida State University

Culford taught me resilience in facing challenges and the importance of being yourself in all aspects of life. Every staff member I encountered had a significant impact on my time at there, but a special mention has to go to my Upper Sixth Form Tutor Ms Francis, who would always brighten our day in the morning and be there whenever we needed her.

Jake, A*, A*, A*
Business Management & Marketing, University of Leeds

My best years in life have got to be my two years in Sixth Form. It has been a fantastic experience; I have had many unforgettable experiences that I will treasure throughout my future. I am very grateful to my teachers; I will never forget how supportive they were.

Alicia, A*, B, C
Digital Media and XR, University of Salford

Culford has taught me that the balance between work and play is essential in life. The relationships built and memories made with my teammates are ones I will never forget. 

Seni, A, A, B
Law with Criminology, University of Sussex

Culford has been my home for the past 16 years and has provided me with many opportunities. I’ve learned to become a leader through the CCF and sport, and I’m grateful to all the staff who have given me the opportunity to develop this skill. Culford has helped me prepare for the next stage of my life, but I know I will always return as a proud Old Culfordian. 

Holly, Head of Army (CCF)
Officer Training, Royal Military Academy Sandhurst

I'm grateful to the members of staff who helped me through my challenges, guiding me to rediscover my love for learning and flourish academically. As I start this new stage of my life, I can assure you that Culford will not be forgotten. My time here has enabled me to grow as a person, and I will carry the lessons I learned with me forever. 

Maryam, A*, B, C
Law with Criminology, University of Law

Culford has helped me grow in confidence, academics and sports. I’ve been able to keep up with schooling and continue my dance training to a high standard. I have made life-long friends through boarding at a welcoming school that delivers many exciting opportunities to its pupils.

Molly, A*, A*, B
Media, Communication and Cultural Studies, Newcastle University