Culford School

GCSE Courses


Our curriculum has been designed to allow breadth and balance, as well as a degree of specialism.  As part of this we offer a range of GCSE courses that offer considerable scope for both study and long-term career choices.

In the Lower Fifth (Year 10) and Upper Fifth (Year 11) Culford pupils study a number of subjects according to their individual interests and needs. Most pupils will study nine or ten GCSE subjects and some will study more.

In general, most pupils take the following core GCSE courses and are set according to ability:

  • English, mathematics, separate sciences (biology, chemistry and physics) and either French or Spanish.

Pupils then select to study up to a further three or four optional GCSE subjects from:

  • Art, biology, chemistry, design and technology, drama, geography, history, languages, music, physics, physical education and religious studies.

Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education (PSHCE)

In addition, pupils have a weekly Learning for Life session. Learning for Life is a new curriculum that incorporates the PSHCE curriculum, the RSHE curriculum and the new statutory Relationship and Sex Education (RSE) guidance. Pupils consider topics of relationships, health and wellbeing, and living in the wider world. There are weekly tutorials on study skills including developing a growth mindset, how to revise effectively and excel in a digital learning environment. In addition, there is one period of physical education and two double games slots together with a whole host of academic enrichment and extra-curricular activities.