Culford School

School Life

The Culford School Week

The school week at starts on Monday morning and finishes on Saturday lunchtime. Day pupils return home at the end of every day, while boarders stay at school over the weekend and during the week, unless they choose to go home.There is also provision for occasional boarding and extended day options for day pupils.

Lessons and Activities

Each day begins with registration in tutor groups; every pupil has their own tutor and meets with them regularly to discuss general progress, academic work and activities. This is an opportunity to seek help with anything they wish to raise. Eight lessons are scheduled each day, although some of these may be doubles, when pupils spend two consecutive lessons on the same subject. Sixth Formers will have some of these lessons as private study when they may go to the Library and work.

There is an hour break for lunch and 20 minutes for morning break time. After lessons end at 15:30 pupils take part in a huge variety of afternoon activities. These can range from CCF, climbing and scuba diving, through to drama, jazz band and orchestra, or bee keeping, horse riding and golf. As pupils get older they are able to choose to commit to fewer activities each week if they wish.