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Boarding and Day

We believe it is not enough for pupils to be busy, challenged and successful; they must also be happy. Excellent pastoral care, in the context of a safe, caring and vibrant community is key. If children are not happy they will find it difficult to realise their potential and achieve in their chosen fields.

Pupils quickly form close allegiances to their Houses and their House Parents, and owing to the mix of ages within them they offer an excellent support network and opportunities for showing leadership and affording guidance.

Full Boarding

Boarders learn to share, help one another and often make friends for life. Above all, they have an enormous amount of fun!

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Part Boarding

For many children, this offers the best of both worlds: they can enjoy school during the week, work hard and spend lots of time with their friends, then relax at home with their parents over the weekend.

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Day pupils are an integral part of Culford and are in a unique position to benefit from excellent pastoral care and the friendly House community.

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Optional Extended Day until 8.30pm

Day pupils are fully integrated into its boarding community, with options to part or occasional board, as well as to stay at school for an extended day at no additional charge, joining in activities after school, having supper and completing homework before going home up until 8.30pm.

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"The access to leisure facilities is fantastic. You can go to the gym, play tennis, have a swim or meet up with a few friends to play football, and the great thing is , it's all just next door"

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