Culford School

Beyond the Classroom

Culford Sixth Form offers pupils a broad and vibrant range of activities and these have become an integral part Sixth Form life. 

Culford Sixth Form activities begin with our amazing Freshers’ Week.  Freshers’ Week gives new Sixth Formers the chance to get to know one another through team building exercises and a three day outward bound adventure in the Peak District.  The activities that follow Freshers’ Week can be divided into:

  • Creative and Performing Arts - such as art, drama and dance
  • Competitive Sports – including rugby, cricket, hockey, tennis and swimming
  • Music – from learning to play an instrument to performing in an ensemble or band and singing
  • Academic Societies 
  • Recreational Sports and Hobbies
  • Outdoor and Adventurous Activity - including our 6th Form Freshers’ Week and scuba diving in Tenerife
  • Service – we have a vibrant Combined Cadet Force 

Sixth Form Committee

Sixth Formers are strongly encouraged to get involved in the running of the Sixth Form itself by joining the Sixth Form committee which meets every three weeks. The committee organise social events at the Sixth Formers’ own Paddy and Scott’s coffee shop, or academic and career events in the dedicated Sixth Form mezzanine in the library.

Activities For All

Each area of the Sixth Form activities programme has its own designated day in the week to allow Sixth Formers as much choice as much as possible. In addition to two sessions of games – which includes fitness, kick-boxing, running, swimming, basketball, football, tennis, badminton, volleyball and lacrosse - all students in the Lower Sixth (Year 12) and Upper Sixth (Year 13) can choose two evening activities a week or more as they wish.

Culford Sixth Form Clubs

Culford Sixth Form clubs include the Medical Society - invaluable for pupils interested in a career in medical science - the Historical Film Club, the Charity Fashion Show Committee and the Sailing Club. Sixth Formers are also given the opportunity to take the lead in activities and if there is an activity that isn’t being offered, the School will help pupils to make it available.