Culford School

Faith and Worship

Culford is a community underpinned by core values relating to the Christian faith, not least that each individual is valued as their unique self within the context of a supportive and caring community.  As a Methodist School, our ethos and values are influenced by that tradition and we celebrate unity in our diversity and aspire to send pupils out into the world as compassionate, respectful young adults. We place an emphasis on social justice in the wider world, and in our worship we try to look outside ourselves and our community to others and the world beyond Culford.

At Culford Senior School, all pupils attend Collective Worship together on a Wednesday morning.  It is a time to be together as a community; to enthusiastically sing hymns; and to reflect and pray in a quiet space midweek. We are fortunate to have St. Mary’s Church onsite, which is always open during the daytime for pupils to sit, reflect and pray quietly.

Christian Fellowship runs once a week on a Wednesday lunchtime, and Baptism and Confirmation preparation are offered each year to interested pupils. 

As Chaplain, part of my role is to listen and to be with staff and pupils at difficult times.  Pupils are encouraged to contact me by email or drop by my office at any time if they need some space, someone to talk with, or just some hot chocolate and looking after.  

Hannah Stammers